School Uniforms

We are a creative school uniform designer, manufacturer, and supplier. Our aim is to provide contemporary and comfortable uniforms to schools. The Oriqa Uniform brand has been synonymous with quality and value from the beginning and we are dedicated to maintaining the high standard of service expected from us by parents and schools. We do specialized embroidery for engraving the school logo. We offer on-site alteration facilities for your convenience to attach badges, cord or braid to awards blazers. We also keep a stock of generic Schoolwear like grey trousers, white shirts, and non-badged blazers to serve your urgent needs at times.

We design practical, professional yet stylish uniforms that serve as add on to your brand integration. Established in 2019, Oriqa Uniform has created a reputation for quality, service, and competitiveness in a very short span of time. Providing extensive services from design to manufacturing to distribution to the consumer, Oriqa Uniform offers quality clothing at an exceptional value accompanied by the best in customer service.