Hospital Uniforms

Oriqa Uniforms has a wide range to offer in-hospital wear segments and in pharmaceuticals industry. We cover segments like Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Speciality Scanning, Chain of Pharmacies or Multi-Specialty Health Care your Doctors, Nurses, Assistants, and Maintenance team. Our dedicated team design and develop function & role-specific workwear. Be it doctor’s or nurse’s apron or the receptionist blazers, our range has it all. Moreover, Oriqa Uniforms are durable and made out of finest material that reflects your brand image. We are sure that it brings the required uniformity and brand integration from front offices to the laboratories. So, create a distinct image and boost confidence in your team by wearing professional workwear made by Oriqa Uniforms. Our range also includes Medical tunics, Nurse Tunics, Lab coats, Medical Scrubs, Medical Pants, and others.