Corporate Uniforms

The appearance of your staff is crucial. It can affect the way current and potential customers view your company. The uniform has the potential to define the professional boundaries for your brand. It is widely believed that a shirt and tie can ensure a pleasing personality for your employees. We, at Oriqa Uniforms, design, manufacture, and supply a whole range of Garments to ensure your contemporary, smart, and professional image at work. It will create an identity for customers and increase your visibility. At the same time employees would be able to value their association with the brand.

If you want to look stylish and formal, then you can order from our pre-designed portfolio of formal shirts or can have a detailed discussion with us to design a new shirt that goes with your values and brand. Our team of skilled manpower sits with you from day one to first understand your brand so that the uniforms can communicate with both your customers and employees. You can get your company’s name and logo embroidered onto them in same color and style. If you have different departments, you can opt for different colors for each department as well.

Our corporate Uniform includes both formal wears for men and women. Formal shirts, tops, trousers, tie, and blazers are the traditional ones. In case you have any additional requirements defining your work culture and identity we are adept to accommodate those wishes. As a complete workwear solution provider, we provide accessories like belts, shoes, wallets (for men), handbags (for women), etc.