Uniform Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

We are the industry’s creative leader in providing beautiful, contemporary and hard-wearing uniforms or garments for schools, hotels, restaurants, delivery chains, retail stores, security guards, etc. Oriqa Uniforms is all about - “style that really works”. We are adept in designing and creating garments that look stylish yet professional in any working environment. We study the trends, modify them for the working man & woman who wants his/her nod to fashion with practicality, longevity and easy-care properties built into the garments. At the same time we integrate the meaning of brand and its values to the uniforms to bring the ultimate consistency in working environment. Hence, the amalgamation of fashion, style, comfort, and professionalism is what you get with Oriqa Uniforms.

We put our bit of thought in the tiniest detail to develop the best. Our team’s years of experience in design, performance fabrics, fabric ornamentation, stitching patterns, pattern development, and quality manufacturing, plus boutique touches make our garments as unique as you.

We have a whole lot of choices available in terms of garments, design, etc. to look into for fabulous craftsmanship in a uniform. Our bespoke design service aims to create unique garments that promote your brand and your corporate image. Combining traditional & modern tailoring methods to design, with innovative design and modern or traditional fabrics, we create elegant, stylish, and professional garments that are class apart.

At Oriqa Uniforms, we understand the way customers look at you. Hence, we can provide you with the complete solution, starting from conceptualizing the design of uniform or dress, carving out the finalized designs, imprinting the logo of your organization, manufacture and supplying uniforms. We ensure that our efforts would result in the enhancement of your image and reinforce your brand. We bring to the corporate uniform market the chance to have a truly individual look. For school uniforms we give students a chance to enjoy their daily wear and inspire them like anything. We are ideal for any industry where the image portrayed by your staff or people is of paramount importance.

Why Choose us

Uniform Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Modernize Uniforms

Schools, NGOs, etc. have the complaints that their uniforms are not as contemporary as the modern time is. The need for change is always sought off. Hence, we put special emphasis on the sensitivity to changing trends. We design school uniforms or corporate workwear in contemporary fashion. However, your feelings would always be our top priority, hence if you wish to be it in a traditional way, we would be more than happy to honor the same.

Uniform Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Our Fabric

Our fabric selection is one of our USPs. Our philosophy is working with the fine quality of fabrics only. No compromise over quality is our motto. Hence, some of the branded fabrics we use are Mafatlal, s-Kumar, Ragav, Kalpatru, Siyaram, etc. These are the standards brand we use, however with our tailor made services, we are flexible enough to accommodate all high end quality brands upon the request of ur clients.

Uniform Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Our Team

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful team of very highly skilled, talented and experienced designers, production managers & pattern-cutters that work collaboratively on each individual uniform project.  We want to make you and ultimately your employees happy, motivated and proud to wear their uniforms that in turn will give them the confidence to do the job at hand.

Uniform Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Quality & Sustainability

Our careful selection of fabrics ensures durability whilst enabling the wearer to perform their tasks comfortably and safely. We are responsible organization and understand our role better than anyone else. We believe the durability of our garments plays an important role here by providing long-term solutions to uniforms, therefore, reducing waste. Our vendors also practice same level of ethics and value high environmental standards to reduce environmental impacts.

Uniform Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Bespoke Designs

We work with you from day one to understand your brand. We design practical, professional yet stylish uniforms that serve as add on to your brand integration. The uniforms can communicate with both your customers and employees. It will create an identity for customers and increase your visibility. At the same time employees would be able to value their association with the brand. Our exceptionally talented team are able to use their corporate wear and high-end fashion experience to portray the right image for your brand with functionality intact.